Joint Venture

At PropViser, we are approached by land owners looking to develop their land via a partnership with a developer.
We connect land owners with real estate developers interested in developing their property.

How Does Joint Venture ( JV ) Work :
Depending on the agreement developer undertakes the responsibility of obtaining approvals, property development, launching and marketing the project with his financial resources.

The land owner receives consideration in return for land given up for development to the builder. Normally, consideration is discharged in the form of upfront payment, sharing of gross revenue, sharing of constructed area or a combination of all three.

How we help with Joint Venture ( JV ) Projects
Joint Ventures are becoming increasingly popular in the current Real Estate Market in India.
Real Estate Developers, Investors and Hoteliers are looking to partner with Land Owners to develop new Projects and Real Estate Assets.
We assist you with finding the right partner to help you maximize returns from your asset and the project.

What type of Land Parcels or Projects do we consider for Joint Venture ?